About Us

Who We Are

Abdul Aziz Al Hajaj Contracting Company was established in 1983 to provide excellent services in executing construction & telecommunication projects in Saudi Arabia. The company was founded by specialists possessing extensive experience and knowledge gained through their leadership of distinctive organizations in both government and private sectors.

AL-HAJAJ developed a strategy and a methodology based on scientific and practical approaches to achieve the goals, aspirations and requirements of their customers, employees and owners through creating added values in their projects. These approaches  are to be implemented within the  required quality, budget and time and therefore time is been taken into account during the development of the company’s strategy ensuring that all work is done using the latest technology and innovative mechanisms, globally under the supervision of a dedicated team consisting of managers and engineers, supervisors and skilled labors  technically trained. They are carefully selected for the tasks with professionalism in line with the projects to achieve the desires and aspirations of the customer’s requirements. 

AL-HAJAJ contracting company specialized in implementing internal and external telecommunication networks as well as fiber optic networks and accessories. What sets AL-HAJAJ Contracting Est. apart is the fact that it is fully managed by a skilled team of engineers, technicians and workers with a scientific approach to the field of Telecommunications. This expertise was acquired through real life experience in the covering areas of design, engineering and construction over many years. We managed to extend our staff’s expertise through receiving specialized courses by the largest telecommunications companies in the world.